“Revisiting Kiss and Tell,” a collaboration with Lapis Xicaldo, 2018, presented at the GLBT History Museum

In the fall of 1990, Vancouver-based artist collective Kiss and Tell presented an exhibition titled Drawing the Line at Cameraworks in San Francisco. The collective presented sexually explicit images of women and invited the women in the public to intervene the images with their own thoughts and opinions, writing on the wall and on the photographs, themselves.

In collaboration with emerging artist Lapis Xicaldo, artist and curator Á.R. Vázquez-Concepción produced a book of photographs from Drawing the Line as they are represented in OUT/LOOK, and invited all guests to write on the photographs their thoughts and ideas about the images and the exhibition.

This collection of images —a body of work that stands alone, pending intervention over the photographs themselves— is inspired by the format of the Drawing the Line exhibition, which is introduced in a brief but insightful piece written by JZ Grover. The photographs are of highlights from the OUT/LOOK magazine, specifically number 10, published in the fall 1990.

The goal of our effort is to bring attention to the important gesture by Kiss and Tell in the exhibition Drawing the Line, seeking to re-perform that gesture during the show at the GLBT History Museum, as an homage.

We, the artists and the public, will revisit the gesture of “posting on the wall,” seen today through the lens of contemporary social media, and see how the work by Kiss and Tell in Drawing the Line was visionary in opening concrete, open dialogue about images depicting and representing the varieties of love between women, and the erotica genre in general.


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