gideon phrase: the politics of photosynthesis, 2012-2020

Series of digital paintings “made by” a fictional entity, Gideon Phrase, a “non-human artist.” Gideon Phrase is my Rrose Sélavy, an alter-ego, a resonating box for curiosities and investigations into the history of non-objective and conceptual art.

The character acts as a mouthpiece for circulating the work I do in digital painting, which exists in connection to the “exchanges” that occur between Gideon’s “interest” in abstract painting and my own. Gideon is an imaginary friend of sorts, a studio partner, with whom I “compare” what I do with analog painting and drawing.

The politics of photosynthesis is a juxtaposition of political processes and biological processes like photosynthesis. The latter harnesses light, and the previous addresses human desires.

These photos and more can be seen on the Gideon Phrase Instagram.


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